HTML and CSS are the fundamental building blocks of web development and they are used to construct the structure and style of webpages. However, when it comes to creating complex applications, these tools can become unwieldy and inefficient. That is why Angular is so powerful – a JavaScript-based open-source framework created by Google for constructing single-page applications that are responsive, fast, and modern.

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Angular offers several advantages over HTML and CSS when developing web applications. For example, it speeds up the development process with its pre-built templates that can be easily customized without having to write boilerplate code from scratch. Additionally, its component based architecture makes it ideal for scaling large applications since developers can break down complex tasks into smaller modules that are easier to manage. Finally, features such as data binding and dependency injection make it easier to maintain applications over time.

If you need an efficient way to build powerful single-page applications quickly, then Angular should be at the top of your list!