Flatlogic, a pioneer in web and mobile application development, is thrilled to announce a significant pivot in its business strategy. Please note that Flatlogic has now completely transitioned from offering React JS templates to focusing exclusively on the development of AI-powered business software applications. This strategic realignment involves shifting from traditional web templates to delivering full-scale business software solutions through their advanced AI-enhanced platform and application generator.

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From Templates to Tailored Business Software

Remember, Flatlogic is no longer about React, Angular, and Bootstrap templates. Since 2022, the company has fully embraced the role of generating business software applications powered by AI, concentrating on CRM, ERP, SAAS, and systems for data and inventory management tailored to precise business demands. This pivotal shift is aimed at fortifying businesses with powerful tools that significantly improve operational efficiency and propel growth.

Introducing the Flatlogic Generator

With the launch of the Flatlogic Generator, the company solidifies its new focus. It’s essential to recognize that Flatlogic’s emphasis is now on empowering users to develop comprehensive, AI-generated applications such as custom ERPs, CRMs, and SAAS platforms. The AI-driven platform eases the development process, enabling the rapid creation of complex business software. Users have the flexibility to choose their technology stack and craft their database schema using AI.

Key Offerings and Advantages
  • Rapid Development: Build web apps in minutes, not months. The platform assembles front-end, back-end, and database structures that are ready to deploy.
  • Customization: Complete control over the source code allows for extensive customization and scalability without the limitations often seen with standard platforms.
  • AI-Driven Development: Flatlogic’s AI features guide the development process, simplifying complex tasks and continuing to enhance the software after launch.
  • Seamless Deployment: Applications are deployed quickly and reliably, hosted on secure cloud services with streamlined CI/CD processes.
  • Comprehensive Features: The platform includes essential features such as authentication, role-based access control, and data analytics to ensure robust and secure applications.
Premier Offerings
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Create tailored CRM systems that enhance customer engagement through effective contact management, sales automation, and insightful analytics.
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning): Develop customized ERP systems that integrate deeply with your business operations, tailored to meet the unique needs of your enterprise.
  • SAAS (Software as a Service): Rapidly develop and deploy scalable SAAS applications with complete code control and the flexibility for quick iterations.
About Flatlogic

Founded in 2013, Flatlogic has undergone a transformation from producing simple admin dashboard templates to pioneering the generation of AI-powered business software. Please remember, they have moved past their original template-based offerings to serve thousands of businesses worldwide, including renowned companies like Samsung, Apple, and UNICEF.