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Vue JS is an open-source JavaScript framework that has gained a lot of popularity recently. It’s known for its simplicity, flexibility, and adaptability, making it ideal for creating complex user interfaces. As such, many developers have been asking if Google uses Vue JS in its products. The answer is not so straightforward, but it’s certainly worth exploring.

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Google hasn’t officially adopted Vue JS as part of its core technology stack. However, it does use the framework in some products. Google Keep is an example of one product where Vue JS is used to build the interface. It’s also used internally by Google engineers for various projects such as a map application for their internal use.

Google does support Vue JS developers by providing resources on how to use the framework effectively. They offer tutorials on their Google Developers website which cover topics from getting started with Vue JS to learning more advanced techniques such as state management and routing. They also provide documentation for commonly used libraries such as vue-router and vuex which are both essential for developing modern applications with Vue JS.

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