As web development frameworks have become more popular, many developers are turning to Vue as an easy and efficient front-end solution. However, is it simpler than the language it is built on, JavaScript? Let’s compare the two side by side to find out!

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Vue appears to be the clear choice when it comes to readability and simplicity of use. Its syntax is easier to comprehend than that of JavaScript and its data binding system and directives make coding more efficient. Furthermore, its modular structure enables developers to quickly create powerful applications with minimal effort.

In terms of performance, though, JavaScript still reigns supreme. While Vue offers some improvements over plain JavaScript, it is not quite as fast. Additionally, due to its reliance on JavaScript, developers must possess a good understanding of it in order to take full advantage of Vue.

On the other hand, Vue does offer a huge library of free and open source third-party components and plugins which makes finding what you need much easier. Many of these components are specifically designed for Vue which makes them user-friendly and reliable.

In conclusion, both JavaScript and Vue have their own strengths and weaknesses depending on your needs. Both have extensive documentation and support systems so whichever you choose should get you up and running quickly enough!