Vue JS is quickly becoming a prevalent selection for web developers who need to construct expansive applications. It’s lightweight and easy to use, but is it really the best option for large projects? In this article, we’ll investigate the points of interest and hindrances of utilizing Vue JS for large applications to assist you with deciding if it’s the correct decision for your undertaking.

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What Is Vue JS?

Vue JS is an open-source JavaScript system planned to make creating user interfaces simpler. It was made by Evan You and delivered in 2014, and has since developed in notoriety because of its basic methodology to fabricating intelligent web applications. Dissimilar to other structures, for example, React or Angular, Vue is substantially less mind boggling and permits designers to get up and running rapidly.

Advantages of Using Vue JS for Large Applications

  • Simplicity: One of the greatest advantages of utilizing Vue is its effortlessness. Even developers with almost no experience can get the essentials rapidly and begin building their applications. Thusly, bigger ventures can be finished quicker than with more intricate systems.
  • Small Size: The document size of the assembled adaptation of Vue is substantially littler than different systems, which makes it perfect for bigger tasks where speed is significant. This little size additionally makes it simpler to send on various stages.
  • High Performance: Vue has been intended to run quick and productively on both work area and versatile gadgets. This makes it a perfect choice for bigger tasks that require high execution.

Disadvantages of Using Vue JS for Large Applications

  • Limited Documentation: Despite the fact that there is bounty of documentation accessible for learning the best way to utilize Vue, it tends to be hard to discover nitty gritty directions on explicit points. This can make creating bigger tasks increasingly troublesome.
  • Lack of Scalability: While Vue does offer some adaptability highlights, they are not as hearty as those offered by different structures, for example, Angular or React. For instance, there is no help for server-side rendering.
  • Lack of Support: Vue does not have as much help from set up organizations as other structures do, which can make discovering arrangements to issues increasingly troublesome.


In conclusion, while there are a few disservices to utilizing Vue JS for extensive applications, its effortlessness and execution make it an alluring decision overall. In the event that you’re searching for an easy-to-use structure that offers great execution and scalability, at that point Vue could be the correct decision for your venture.