React and Vue are two of the most popular JavaScript frameworks used to create web applications, but why is React more popular than Vue? In this article, we’ll be exploring the differences between the two frameworks and why React has gained the favor of many developers.

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What is React? React is a JavaScript library created by Facebook in 2011. It allows developers to create user interfaces for web applications using a component-based architecture. React components are isolated units of code that can be reused in different parts of an application, making maintenance and development easier.

What is Vue? Vue is an open-source JavaScript framework created by Evan You in 2014. It utilizes a component-based structure akin to React, while also incorporating features such as two-way data binding and a virtual DOM (Document Object Model). This makes it simpler for developers to write intricate applications quickly.

Advantages of React over Vue: One reason why React is more sought after than Vue is its widespread adoption by large companies. Companies like Netflix, Airbnb, and Facebook have adopted React as their preferred framework for developing web applications. This has resulted in greater interest from developers who want to use the same tools as these giant corporations.

Another advantage of React is its large ecosystem of tools and libraries. There are several third-party libraries available for React that make it easy to add features such as routing, data fetching, and state management. Additionally, there are many UI libraries available that provide pre-built components so developers do not have to start from scratch when constructing an application.

Finally, one of the primary advantages of React over Vue is its popularity. With more people utilizing it, there are more resources available online like tutorials and videos which makes it easier for new developers to learn and get started with the framework.

Conclusion: React has become the favored option amongst developers due to its wide adoption by major companies, its vast ecosystem of tools and libraries, and its popularity amongst beginners. While both frameworks provide similar features, it’s clear that React provides some exceptional benefits over Vue which has made it the go-to choice for many web applications.